New sketchbook yay!

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WIP! I need to buy white gouache agh

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Learning experience

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new theme + sidebar image YAY! T vT i’m quite happy with him hehe 

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I’M BACK FROM EXAMS and i’m kinda rusty so quick warmup but i’m more out of practice than i thought i’m sorry

lindsayloou: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!❤❤❤!!!!!


Finals in two weeks!! Be back at the end of April! Good luck to everyone with everything, fighting!!

jnlyse: When you get this post 5 things you like about yourself then pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers ☆彡

wahh thank you jenn!! TwT oh gosh im so bad at these 

  1. i like how much i love literature TwT;;
  2. i liiiiiiiiiike my impeccable taste in squishy boys 
  3. i like that i have really great taste in fic! my fic recs have always received positive results T v T
  4. i have fantastic taste in music
  5. i managed to watch the entirety of futurama in under one or two weeks i can’t remember exactly how long but this is how badly i get addicted to things (this is not something i like i absolutely hate this about me but agata who is super great and attractive wanted me to put this here sooooo)

to sum up: i like good things (and then get addicted and cry) |:

first drawing with copics! from december hehe TwT;; 

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i drew this last year T.T; i never got around to actually progressing beyond the WIP state but LOL i still like it~ one day i will finish 

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